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5 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas May 9, 2017 9:05:31 AM | by Laura Perry

What to get a new mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here. Have you picked out a special gift to show her how much you care? If the holiday has snuck up on you, we have 5 quick and easy (but still very thoughtful) gift ideas to celebrate mom.

 Photo book .png

Create a photo book.

Does mom post family photos to Instagram or other social media sites? Don’t let those photos get forgotten in cyberspace. Create a Chatbook of her images that she’s posted in the last couple of months. The books start at $8 and are super easy to make.

 Coloring pages.jpg

Give her the gift of alone time.

Moms love being moms, but they enjoy time alone too. Send her to get a pedicure or to have lunch with friends. You can also print out free adult coloring pages and let mom color in peace.

 kitchen plate.png

Design kitchen art with the kids.
You’ll need a white porcelain bowl, mug or plate and pen and paint meant for that medium. Follow these DIY instructions with your kids, and then serve mom coffee and a pastry in her one-of-a-kind dishware.


Make a personalized tote bag.

Moms never have enough bags or storage! DIY a rad bag for your awesome mom.


Frame a print.

Let a piece of art show mom how you feel. Beautiful prints start at $1.50 for you to download on Esty, print and then place in a frame.



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