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6 tips for a stress-free nursery Apr 17, 2015 6:01:00 PM | by Laura Perry

6 tips for a stress-free nursery

How to design a relaxing space for you and your baby

Your baby’s nursery should be a sanctuary — a place for you and your baby to bond and feel comfortable. It should be a space that evokes relaxation and a sense of peace. When you are calm, it is easier for you to pacify your baby. Follow these six tips to design a stress-free atmosphere in your baby’s nursery.

Limit clutter and toys. When your baby is young, the room should be a place to sleep, not play. Your baby should associate the nursery with rest and bedtime. A simple basket of books is all you will need to entertain your little one. Keep in mind, the more you place in the room, the more you’ll have to dust.

Control the lighting. Before bedtime or naptime, set the tone for relaxation. Dim the lights or switch on battery-operated candles. This ambiance will help kick start the melatonin process for a better bedtime routine. Make sure the room stays dark when baby is sleeping by hanging blackout curtains.

Paint by feelings. When selecting paint for the nursery, think about the mood a color can generate. Do you want your nursery to be cheerful (bright yellow) or soothing (cool aqua)? If picking out the perfect hue is overwhelming, don’t underestimate the choice of clean and pure white walls. 

Turn on sleepy tunes. Help your baby doze off by playing soft lullaby music or white noise. A musical mobile can also serenade your little one to sleep. 

Add soft accessories. Although it’s not recommended to put blankets in your baby’s crib, they are great for snuggling before sleep. Cuddle closely while breastfeeding or while rocking your baby for a gentle bonding experience.

Keep it stocked and organized. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of diapers or rummaging through drawers for clean sleepwear. Take the time to properly organize your nursery to alleviate unnecessary stress. You’ll thank yourself later.

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Stress-free nursery and bedding collection pictured above: Hattie & Ellie by Just Born.

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