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7 Tips for Exercising as a New Mom Jan 11, 2017 8:00:00 PM | by Laura Perry

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7 ways to workout when you have a toddler

Getting in shape is easier said than done, especially when you are a new parent. Time and energy are limited resources! Lucky for you, working out actually increases energy levels and boosts your endorphins, making you better equipped to handle the demands of parenting. Now, you just have to find the time, which may seem impossible considering a solo bathroom break is a luxury these days. Follow our 7 tips to squeezing a workout into your hectic day with kids.



There is always going to be a long list of things that need to get done. Rank exercise at the top of your list and schedule it into your day. It’s easy to get distracted, but don’t let the toys on the ground or the dirty dishes pull you in. Put on your blinders and focus on what you’ve set out to accomplish. Remember: you’ll have more energy to complete that to-do list after a good sweat.

Dress for a workout.

If your baby isn’t on a schedule yet, dress for a workout at the beginning of the day. Once the baby doses off for a nap, you’ll be ready to go and you won’t need to waste time searching for your sneakers. Yes, you’ll be an active wear parent (watch for a laugh), but who cares, as long as you doing something good for yourself.

Take turns.

Chances are your partner is probably searching for time to get in shape too. Schedule exercise sessions throughout the week by trading off time. For example, each parent gets one hour three evenings out of the week. Another bonus: this solution will help both of you feel supported in your goals.

Rise early.

After a long day of keeping up with the kids, working or running errands, your tank may be zapped by the afternoon. Sneak in a workout during the early hours before your kids wake up. Go for a run while your partner is still home getting ready for work or do a yoga video in your living room.

Make time count.

There will be days you may only have 15 minutes to train. Don’t waste it on something that isn’t burning calories. Choose High-intensity interval training (HIIT) to maximize every minute. 

Join a gym with childcare.

You may not be ready for someone else to watch your baby or the germs that can be associated with baby care. But try going on a tour of your local family-friendly gym — it may surprise you. Your first workout will probably last 10 minutes because you’ll constantly check in on your little one, but give it time. You may begin to love the gym again.

Workout with your baby in tow.  

If your baby is a few months old, he or she is probably just the right size to help tone your arms and legs. Hold the baby as you do squats and lunges across the living room. Dance around the house with your baby. Go for a long walk around your neighborhood with the stroller. Get moving!


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