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12 Uses of Baby Blankets Feb 8, 2017 8:52:47 AM | by Laura Perry


A soft blanket is a traditional baby gift that has always been a staple for new parents. Chances are you will receive a few baby blankets to welcome your new bundle of joy. You are probably wondering why you need so many! Trust us, those snuggly blankets are useful in more ways than one.


A baby blanket is a:

Comfort from home.

Unfamiliar surroundings can be scary for your little one. Snuggling up to a security blanket can provide a soothing source of reassuring comfort for your baby. It can also help lull your baby to sleep when you are spending a night away from home.

Clean cover.

When you are on the go, a blanket can become a protective layer where you baby can sit, play and rest.

Warm shelter.

Your home is probably set at a comfortable temperature, but while out and about, you’ll encounter unpredictable weather conditions. Stow a blanket in your diaper bag so you are prepared for the unexpected.

Doctor’s office lifesaver.

During a check up, the nurse will ask you to undress your infant. While you wait for the doctor to arrive, keep your baby cozy with a warm blanket. It will also calm your little one after he or she gets shots.

Sun shade.

A baby’s skin is extra sensitive, which makes it more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. A lightweight blanket can screen your baby from the sun when he or she is in the stroller or car seat.

Burp cloth.

Toss a blanket over your shoulder to protect your clothing from spit up.

Photo op.

Your iPhone will never have enough memory to handle the thousands of photos you will take of your little one. While your baby is still small, a blanket makes the perfect backdrop. Place a blanket on the floor and put your baby on top for a beautiful textured background.

Tummy time surface.

Placing your little one on his or her belly is a simple exercise that is crucial for your baby’s development. Spread out a blanket on a firm and flat surface for tummy time, anytime and anywhere.

Nursery accessory.

A soft blanket adds a layer of warmth to any nursery design. Tie the look of your room together with a classic quilt or modern throw. 

Changing mat.

Spread out a blanket for a quick and clean surface to change diapers or clothes.

Nursing cover.
Store a blanket in your diaper bag to use as a cover when breastfeeding your baby.

Secure embrace.
Your baby will only be little for so long. Snuggle as much as possible!


How does a baby blanket come in handy during your daily routine with your little one? Share with us below.


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