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Bath Time Activities with Your Baby Mar 20, 2015 7:13:00 PM | by Laura Perry

ScreenShot2015-03-20at12.09.27PMFun things to do in the bath

The bathtub is an exciting world for your baby filled with running water, bubbles, sounds and gentle touch. Your baby soaks up these surroundings, helping your little one grow and develop.

The beauty of bath time is that you don’t need to purchase the latest toys for entertainment. Enhance the benefits of bath time by making the experience fun with these simple DIY activities and homegrown ideas.

Household items. Raid your drawers for safe (nothing glass, breakable or with sharp edges) items like plastic bowls, cups, spoons, measuring cups, a strainer and funnels. Now, use your imagination. Pretend you are in the kitchen while playing with your baby – bake a cake or cook dinner. These simple activities and toys demonstrate concepts such as: full vs. empty, volume, small vs. big, measurements, and the list goes on! 

Sink or float? Pique your child’s curiosity by dropping various items in the tub to determine what’s buoyant. Toss in a ball, an empty and full shampoo bottle, and plastic toys like figurines, big Legos, letters. 

Add color. Put shaving cream in a muffin tin and then stir in a couple drops of liquid food coloring to each section. Give your child a paintbrush or just let them use their fingers to paint with the cream. Another fun activity is to make a tray of rainbow ice cubes by adding food coloring to water. Once frozen, drop in the water to let your child chase the cubes around the tub while they melt.

Move water. There’s something fascinating about water and the way it travels. Punch different size holes in plastic cups or empty food containers and then fill with water. Your baby will love to play with the water as it drips and flows at varying speeds.


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