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Design Inspiration: Keepsake Collection™ Jan 19, 2017 9:48:53 AM | by Susan Hagen


Keepsake Inspiration Board-01.jpgBehind the Scenes of the Newest Baby Trend

We interviewed Susan Hagen, Director of Design & Merchandising for Just Born®, to hear about what inspired her to create the all-new Keepsake Collection™. Unveiling at BuyBuy Baby in February!


What inspired you to create this Collection?

This collection was inspired by our team’s recent trip to London and Paris where we fell in love with the intricate detailing of beautiful vintage linens. We brought the inspiration and technique back to the office where the Just Born team underwent an extensive development process to create the perfect color, quality, and details of the Keepsake Collection™. The positive feedback we received in the nursery bedding and décor designs inspired us to add bath and layette products to complete the collection, coming this Fall.

When you think of “Keepsake,” what comes to mind?

“Keepsake” evokes personal, cherished, beloved, and forever heirlooms. I think of a soft baby blanket or a precious vase that has been passed down through generations. It’s something that helps you remember your most cherished memories and the things that matter most in life.

Why do you think the Keepsake concept is the newest baby trend?

For quite some time, we’ve been seeing the fast-fashion, low quality, disposable products trending in the marketplace. But now, I see people putting more value in the things they buy, and seeking quality over quantity. The Keepsake Collection™ offers a luxurious and timeless product line that is not meant to be thrown away, but rather cherished and passed down to the next generation.

Why was this Collection exciting to create?

This collection was truly a labor of love working with linen, the world’s most ancient and coveted textile. The weaving, dying and laundering process is critical to achieving the softest hand for baby. We were thrilled to offer stitching and finishing techniques used in fine vintage linens. I am so proud to be part of a collection that can be passed down for generations in today’s disposable society. 

What will parents love about this Collection?

Parents will love effortlessly creating an aspirational and serene nursery, which looked like it always belonged in your home. The soft color palette of the Keepsake Collection™ will blend into your design aesthetic and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Will parents need to iron the linen fabric?

No, not at all. It’s actually a trend to keep the natural wrinkle or crease of the linen. All the linen within the Keepsake Collection™ comes washed, and has a naturally soft texture to them. The light crumpled linen adds a whimsical touch to any room.

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