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Establishing a Bedtime Routine for your Baby Mar 2, 2017 10:27:23 AM | by Laura Perry

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Tips to getting your baby to sleep through the night

Family wellness begins with a good night’s sleep. However, it may seem impossible to reach ultimate health when you have a baby who still wakes up throughout the night. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to encourage longer stretches of rest. The key to developing solid sleep habits for your baby is to establish a consistent bedtime routine.

A bedtime routine should be a calming experience and last no more than 30 minutes. Follow the same schedule each night and your baby will begin to form expectations and anticipate the next step — sleep.

Set the mood.

Create an environment that promotes relaxation by making adjustments in the nursery to trigger the production of melatonin, your baby’s natural internal clock. Draw the blinds. Dim the lights. Turn on a white noise machine. Set the temperature to a comfortable degree. Think about your actions too – the tone of your voice and interactions with your little one should match the soothing setting.

Bath time.

A nice soak comforts your baby, relaxing him or her for a better night’s sleep. According Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant, Jenni June, once your baby is removed from the bath, his or her core body temperature drops and sleep hormones elevate. This helps the brain and body want to do the sleeping. Cover your little one in a soft hooded towel for a warm transition from the bath to the changing table.

Every one loves massages, even your little one. An infant massage is pleasurable and comforting for both of you. It promotes better sleep while also helping your baby grow into a healthy individual. Learn how to give your baby a massage

Wrap up.
Now your baby is ready for a clean diaper and cozy pajamas. Your infant should be dressed appropriately for the setting with no more than one layer than an adult would wear. Consider swaddling your little one as it has been shown to provide a sense of security, emotional comfort and a better quality of sleep. If swaddling doesn’t pacify your little one, switch to a Wear-a-Blanket — the safer alternative to loose blankets in the crib.

Good night.

Read to your baby using a soft voice. Kiss and snuggle with your little one as he or she starts to drift off into a sleepy state. Place your baby in a distraction-free crib; a mattress with a fitted sheet is all your infant needs.  


What is your baby’s bedtime routine?



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