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How to Pick a Baby Name May 16, 2017 9:59:43 AM | by Laura Perry


Naming a human being can be quite the challenge. From the playground to the conference room, the name you select will be used for a lifetime. Talk about pressure! How can you bestow a name that is worthy of your kin? Follow these five steps to picking the perfect name for your baby:

Start with ancestry. Climb through your family tree for inspiration. You may discover a worthy possibility like a surname that has potential to become a first, or a traditional option that could be used as a middle name.

Make two lists. If you don’t stumble upon suitable choices in your families’ lineage, start a list of baby names that pique your interest. Ask your significant other to create one too. You can uncover prospects by reading baby name books, asking for ideas from a friend who is a teacher or even watching movie credits. Whittle down the selections to your top five, compare lists with your partner and then start negotiating. Cross off what you absolutely can’t live with. If you are unable to reach an agreement, take a break and revisit later. A name may begin to grow on you.

Consult with someone you trust. Reveal your choice to someone closest to you. He or she may notice an issue that you don’t — like unfortunate initials or a potential spelling error.

Do your research. Nameberry is a helpful resource to guide you through the process. You can search the site’s huge baby name database that includes meanings, popularity rankings as well as opinions of other expectant parents. Visit the forum to exchange thoughts and ideas while keeping it anonymous.

Check the reputation. Even if the name isn’t common now, there’s a good chance other parents are leaning the same way as you. Your baby’s name could land in the top 10 later on. As long as you enjoy the name now, you will love it even more once you meet your little one.

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