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Keep your marriage strong after having a baby Mar 7, 2016 9:30:54 AM | by Laura Perry

Post-pregnancy relationship tips


After the arrival of a baby, your relationship could take a back seat. An infant fills up your heart, mind and life. It’s all consuming in the most wonderful way. Nevertheless, it’s essential for both of you to find that driver seat again in order to navigate parenting as a team. The best example you can set for your child is as a strong and happy couple that’s going the same direction in life. 

Divide and conquer.

The to-do list is overwhelming: feed the baby, bathe the baby, change diapers, do the dishes, laundry, etc. Create a system with your partner to manage the load. Discuss your situation and what will work best for both of you. Remember to always respect each other’s efforts and energy. 

Plan for intimacy.

It might not seem romantic to schedule intimacy with your spouse, but if you don’t plan it, you’ll end up getting distracted by a million other things (e.g. that to-do list). At the end of the day, you probably feel like you’ve given all of yourself to your baby. How can you possibly have enough left for your partner too? Don’t put too much pressure on the situation. Take baby steps to find each other again. Put yourself in the right frame of mind. Set the mood, clear your bed of baby items, and then seize the moment (before the little one wakes up again). Reconnecting has the potential to become the ultimate stress reliever for both of you.


Carve out a few minutes each day to catch up on what’s happening. Make a point to give your undivided attention to the conversation. Wake up early to have coffee together or chat after the baby goes to sleep.

Focus on the positive.

Instead of dwelling on the negative or what your spouse could be doing differently, think about what’s going right. Tell your partner what he or she did to make you happy. Put up a chalkboard or notebook to write down what you are grateful for each day. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Show affection.

Your baby is covered in kisses throughout the day, but what about your partner? Think about how much your spouse would appreciate that too. Weave sweet, thoughtful gestures into your day. Hug a little longer, share a lingering gaze, send a loving text, be playful and marvel at the life you’ve built together.

Get in shape. 

How you feel physically can affect all aspects of your life, especially your confidence in the bedroom. Plus, your child deserves healthy and happy parents who will be around for a very long time. Read our tips to finding the time to exercise and try these outdoor exercises with a newborn.

Take it easy.

Busy parents tend to put on their blinders and race through the day. Here’s the thing, your responsibilities are endless…every day. Find a way to relax and have fun together in the midst of it all.

Don’t forget to date.

Never stop dating each other! The connection you have is the reason you decided to have a baby in the first place.


What do you to keep the love alive in your marriage?



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